Monday, October 17, 2016

The Filth

Sitting within the walls of one culture while immersed in another allows fortified observance of homeland. The media makes ghastly observations of where you have been. What I am and what I am not is called into question. Being far away is a comfort. When a journalist, my soul was visited by ghoulish aspects of American woman haters, haters of difference, haters of academic excisions, where beating up anyone not exactly like them is passed or ignored. No one comes to the rescue. You find how alone you are. Within the context of such circumstances in isolated incidents, the power of gross indifference is diluted.

Now we have a fulcrum, a pivotal point where we must take a stand against such things. What was hidden comes into the light. Support of monstrous beliefs are found out. The glorification of ignorance brews belligerence as the worst of our tendencies rises like gangrene to the dermatological surface. It is not so much the separation of good and bad as it is an unearthing of scapegoat psychology. Someone must be blamed for the ills of society. It is never the herd. The pact prowling the streets in search of the vulnerable remains safe in numbers. Certain personality types step out of the anonymity of the internet screen into the world stage. The visuals are grotesque, Boschian in their rough complexity. A nightmare of finger pointing on a mammoth scale.

The possibility of foolishness nearing nuclear codes shatters the senses. Petty conniving festering on an already poor world reputation sears holes into the fabric of our culpability. Places where we do not need an additional reason to liquidate internal structures are polished by such behavior, such beliefs, such fowl utterances. The question flailing about on the airwaves is, “How did it get this far?” This is not answerable in brief notes but should be taken seriously. The body politic requires investigation. Serious cross disciplinary suggestions are in order lest we fall when not looking. Many people in the wider world may not want to look at us. May be tired of us. Without looking we may be doomed to building a force tempted to tilt chaos into the center and out to the edges.

I have seen such things at home. It made me ill to ponder such rampant disregard where sins are made into virtues. The righteousness of hatred, small mindedness, vulgarity, and a lust for uniformed reaction is overwhelming. Can their rage we quenched? Can they be reasoned with? My explorations take me a long way from all this. My stomach turns as does the revelation of events. This is not to say all ugliness must be avoided. It is to say that it exists and may not be placated any time soon.