Thursday, April 20, 2017

Parallel Lives

If your life becomes a series of aggravations from which you have little respite, beware. One can only be smacked around by unsuspecting humans who are on their own quest without thinking about anything but that quest for so long. It is not good for the spirit and it certainly is not good for producing anything of value. If you find yourself two steps from blowing a gasket do not think yourself less than others. We all have our requirements. If you need a quiet place to think, if you do not enjoy the density of crowds you may find yourself alone. You may not have a posse or like-minded people to preserve you from the herd. People will look at you like there is something wrong with your needs since often we only justify those behaviors like our own.

Others may be utterly incognizant of what is needed to operate past the surface of things. They will not understand what you are trying to accomplish. An ocean of talking heads will stream effusive gaggle not stopping for a moment to breathe. With modern technology, that is all they see. Like the alcoholic who is convinced that everyone is drunk, the constant comment crowd will try to hang you for not being like them. Do not fret. It is a very big planet and we get to be who we are regardless of what others may try to make you believe. As misery loves company, yakking sacksters need confirmation that their way is the right way. Don’t be fooled. It is difference that makes the world go round. In the end, they may pay for your bright ideas that stray off the beaten path, often not knowing that is the case. Chin up and find a solution.

Here it is. Somewhere in this very same place is the world you need. All you have to do is to find it and then swim in it. It may only be for the morning, for the afternoon or for the day. Parallel to every place and goings on is another place and goings on. Identify what you want. What food must you have, what temperature, what kind of people do you want to see, what activities do you want to participate in. Do you need a sauna, a massage, a doctor, a plate of spaghetti or glass of wine? When the boiling point is reached one must relax to figure out how the path must go. We cannot live the lives of others for very long or surely we will break. We have to find that place of comfort. You cannot make anyone understand who does not understand. You will only be disappointed. Let It go and fly to your satisfaction. Sometimes you can have a perfect day. Give yourself another reality. If it works well for you reevaluate why you are where you are. What lead you to a place or how did it go wrong. Life is a kind of plumbing. The more the valves produce a sanitary condition the easier it is to be well. Turn on the faucet of your life. It does not matter if you are particular. Fine tune the day. You can only digest the indigestible before your bowels revolt.

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